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Who are we

In Triality we create and realise our unique design ideas while meeting our clients needs. Our professional team is highly experienced in the field of interior and product design as well as corporate branding.
With more than 10 years of experience we have a diverse portfolio of differrent projects from designing spaces to branding spaces and producing finished products. Following the latest trends in our field, we can offer you the most contemporary and convenient solutions, according to your needs, style and budget.

We have a vast knowledge about the manufacture processes and we can suggest various decisions in terms of the project you are working on. We can provide different options, regarding the capacity and the type of the materials, in order to be as competitive as possible. We combine the best execution with high quality materials, considering your time and budget.

What do we do?

· · Concept Design · · Analyses and inspirational boards · · 3D Visualization  · · Engineering  · · Technological creative · · Complete interior projet and full managment · · Production · · Production management and quality control · · Forwarding, logistics, installation · · Branding and packaging · · Warranty and non-warranty service · · 

Our clients

 · 1, Fr. Nansen Str. 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria ·                      · tel.: +359 888 30 88 56 · 
· office@triality.bg                                                             · www.triality.bg ·        

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